To develop, produce, support, promote and present ethno culturally relevant heritage-based works and experiences which elevate public appreciation, understanding and participation in Canada’s rich multicultural traditions.


To showcase Canada’s rich diversity and the contributions of various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society with a focus on celebrating the best of the Latino culture in Canada enjoyed by Canada’s 1.8 million Spanish speakers and all Canadians with an appetite and passion for Latino-themed events, festivals, programs and lifestyle.


To become Canada’s internationally renowned ambassador of Latino lifestyle, music, dance, arts and cuisine.


Accountability – doing what we say we will do with respect to all stakeholders.

Collaboration – at all levels of the organization and events, between staff and volunteers and board and with stakeholders and event attendees.

Creativity – in meeting challenges and discovering and harnessing opportunities.

Inclusivity – drawing from and working with diverse communities.

Integrity – commitment to the accurate, fair and responsible stewardship of the Canadian Salsa Festivals Project.

Passion – through our mission and vision and professional commitment to our goals and objectives.